About Juli Kagan

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Moving You Intelligently

Known as The Mindful Body Expert, Juli believes the mind-body connection is vital for mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, but her greatest joy is sharing her knowledge with others - whether in a tent in the African Mara, on a cruise ship in Tahiti, or privately, teaching Yoga or Pilates one-on-one, “working with the body in front of her.”

Author of the book Mind Your Body, Juli is passionate about intelligent movement. She has a unique understanding of biomechanics, ergonomics and expertise in posture; coalesced as a registered dental hygienist, previous dental (and hygiene) school clinical instructor and lecturer as well as a 600-hour Pilates Instructor and 500-hour credentialed Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.

A national speaker on the topics of body and breath and their relationship to the mind, Juli has a Masters degree in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis on life-long learning, and today is a health education University professor; but, her greatest pleasure, above all, is helping people realize their own inner happiness and joy!